The resounding support made me curious but also a bit skeptical—how could this place be that good? But after taking the online course, I agree that it is.
Annie Rittgers
Before ScorePerfect: 162
After ScorePerfect: 177
The online course isn’t easy because the test isn’t. But if you’re willing to work, Robin will help you do the rest. That peace of mind is worth the cost alone.
Christopher Biggs
University of Michigan
Before ScorePerfect: 155
After ScorePerfect: 169
The key to the program’s success is its total mastery of the test itself. Robin Singh and his team have developed an intensive course that leaves no stone unturned and no concept untouched.
Steven Green
University of Pennsylvania
Before ScorePerfect: 166
After ScorePerfect: 177
Robin Singh really gets to the heart of the exam. The studying and time that you put in at ScorePerfect will pay off.
Susan Yaster
Johns Hopkins University
Before ScorePerfect: 149
After ScorePerfect: 168
The way in which Robin has broken down the key concepts tested on the LSAT is simply second to none.
Anthony Tiberio
New York University
Before ScorePerfect: 154
After ScorePerfect: 171
100% recommend to anyone who is serious about improving their score.
Amanda Siciliano
Florida International University
Before ScorePerfect: 155
After ScorePerfect: 166
ScorePerfect hosts an excellent academic support staff that responded within 24 hours to any questions I had, in a way that was both patient and helpful.
Lily Choi
Before ScorePerfect: 163
After ScorePerfect: 173
I could not have scored a 172 on the LSAT without ScorePerfect. I was worried about the all-virtual format, but it turned out to be the best decision I could have made.
Madeline Harlow
University of Florida
Before ScorePerfect: 152
After ScorePerfect: 172
The ScorePerfect online course provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed on the LSAT. It is without reservation that I recommend ScorePerfect.
Patrick Nowak
Before ScorePerfect: 159
After ScorePerfect: 170
Robin Singh is hilarious. Never would I have thought watching LSAT videos would be an entertaining, encouraging part of my day.
Sydney Montgomery
Before ScorePerfect: 156
After ScorePerfect: 169
ScorePerfect has succeeded in getting an in-person classroom experience into a convenient online course.
Nicholas Ketterer
Temple University
Before ScorePerfect: 150
After ScorePerfect: 160
Before I saw the light and came to ScorePerfect, I tried three other test prep companies. ScorePerfect went above and beyond, preparing me for anything on test day.
Lacey Nemergut
Bentley College
Before ScorePerfect: 163
After ScorePerfect: 170
The course is very well put-together. The lessons are clear, the wealth of prep materials is astounding, and the strategies, tips, and advice are never less than spot-on.
Seth Berliner
Before ScorePerfect: 166
After ScorePerfect: 178
Enrolling in the ScorePerfect online course was the best decision I could have ever made. I ultimately obtained the confidence to easily surpass my goal of 170.
Max Maerowitz
Arizona State University
Before ScorePerfect: 167
After ScorePerfect: 174
ScorePerfect was the key to my performance on the LSAT. I raised my score by nearly twenty points!
Nicholas Palatucci
UC Berkeley
Before ScorePerfect: 160
After ScorePerfect: 179