I learned new ways to approach logical reasoning questions, better strategies for the reading comprehension section, and most of all, faster and more accurate methods for the logic games.
Dave Amerikaner
Harvard College
Before ScorePerfect: 163
After ScorePerfect: 175
The way in which Robin has broken down the key concepts tested on the LSAT is simply second to none.
Anthony Tiberio
New York University
Before ScorePerfect: 154
After ScorePerfect: 171
ScorePerfect was a perfect fit for me because the curriculum accommodates those who have never before laid eyes on an LSAT.
David He
Cornell University
Before ScorePerfect: 162
After ScorePerfect: 175
The strategies ScorePerfect provided were very helpful, especially for the Logic Games portion of the test. This was my weakest category before I started the class, but became my strongest by the time I took the LSAT.
Nathan Weaver
UC Davis
Before ScorePerfect: 153
After ScorePerfect: 174
The curriculum broke down all aspects of the material and enabled me to understand exactly how to think for each type of problem.
John Brinkerhoff
University of Alabama
Before ScorePerfect: 167
After ScorePerfect: 174
Robin Singh really gets to the heart of the exam. The studying and time that you put in at ScorePerfect will pay off.
Susan Yaster
Johns Hopkins University
Before ScorePerfect: 149
After ScorePerfect: 168
The best part is that ScorePerfect doesn’t advocate methods that are unnatural.
Meera Chandramouli
New York University
Before ScorePerfect: 156
After ScorePerfect: 171
The best part about the course is the methodology. Before taking a ScorePerfect course, I took a Kaplan course. The ideas and teaching methods are so much more clear at ScorePerfect.
Megan Lencek
Cal State Fullerton
Before ScorePerfect: 143
After ScorePerfect: 154