I can honestly say that my decision to enroll in ScorePerfect was one of the best in my life and has changed the direction of my career path in the most beneficial ways imaginable.
Avra Lazear
UC Santa Barbara
Before ScorePerfect: 162
After ScorePerfect: 177
I could not imagine a more comprehensive test prep program. The online resources are a treasure trove.
Maura Carey
University of Virginia
Before ScorePerfect: 161
After ScorePerfect: 173
My teacher was beyond patient with our class, extremely knowledgeable of the course material, and could answer any question we ever had.
Laura Navia
Florida International University
Before ScorePerfect: 147
After ScorePerfect: 165
God only knows where I’d be today if I hadn’t taken a ScorePerfect prep course.
Samuel Liu
UC Berkeley
Before ScorePerfect: 140
After ScorePerfect: 165
The ScorePerfect course gave me every possible key I needed to achieve success on test day.
Seth Elizondo
Florida State
Before ScorePerfect: 154
After ScorePerfect: 166
The work is certainly tough, but ScorePerfect helped me learn the information in the best way possible. I am proud to say I will be attending Columbia Law next fall!
Jordyn Eisenpress
University of Wisconsin
Before ScorePerfect: 156
After ScorePerfect: 170
Thanks to the ScorePerfect course, I was able to dramatically increase my score, which will do wonders for my chances of getting into top law schools.
Kelley Bolar
Before ScorePerfect: 159
After ScorePerfect: 178
The online materials provided had everything I could possibly need to prepare and more real LSAT questions for practice than I could possibly finish.
Peyton Lee
Before ScorePerfect: 166
After ScorePerfect: 180
To anyone preparing to take the LSAT, the ScorePerfect course is an absolute must!
James Flaherty
UNC-Chapel Hill
Before ScorePerfect: 149
After ScorePerfect: 168
My instructor was invaluable. She answered all my questions and helped me truly understand how the test is constructed.
Phillip Wiese
Before ScorePerfect: 163
After ScorePerfect: 171
The teachers are extremely responsive to the needs of the individuals within each class, and the pace of the class was perfect.
Louie Centanni
Trinity College (CT)
Before ScorePerfect: 155
After ScorePerfect: 167
Simply put, ScorePerfect is the best LSAT prep course in the business.
Matthew Walker
Before ScorePerfect: 158
After ScorePerfect: 171
ScorePerfect has the best instructors, who take the unique strategies and comprehensive materials and set out to make sure you personally are understanding the concepts conveyed in the lessons.
Darren Pouliot
Before ScorePerfect: 159
After ScorePerfect: 178
The strategies ScorePerfect provided were very helpful, especially for the Logic Games portion of the test. This was my weakest category before I started the class, but became my strongest by the time I took the LSAT.
Nathan Weaver
UC Davis
Before ScorePerfect: 153
After ScorePerfect: 174
ScorePerfect was a perfect fit for me because the curriculum accommodates those who have never before laid eyes on an LSAT.
David He
Before ScorePerfect: 162
After ScorePerfect: 175