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University of Alabama

Before ScorePerfect: 167

After ScorePerfect: 174

“Before taking ScorePerfect, I believed test prep courses to largely be a waste of money, particularly after hearing friends review other test prep services. However, when I witnessed several friends, all of whom were good test takers, raise their LSAT scores to Ivy-league levels through ScorePerfect, I decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did. The curriculum broke down all aspects of the material and enabled me to understand exactly how to think for each type of problem. My instructor was incredibly helpful and went the extra mile to help me overcome the hurdles of the LSAT. I went into the test knowing what to expect and confident in the material. Because of my score increase, ScorePerfect has opened doors to my future that would not have been possible otherwise. Without a doubt, the course is well worth the investment.”