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University of Toronto

Before ScorePerfect: 151

After ScorePerfect: 163

“I had wanted to become a lawyer since I was ten, but the dream remained distant, and I was unclear as to how I could make it a reality. As I entered university, I became aware of how competitive it was to get into well-reputed North American law schools. I strove to push myself academically and graduated with a high GPA that would allow me to have a strong application, but I knew the battle did not end there. Writing the LSAT was the next step I had to take, and I was extremely anxious.

I heard many rumours from the people around me that the LSAT was not a test that you could study for and that it was a test that measured your innate ability. I also did not have any friends or family members who were interested in attending law school, so I frankly felt alone and confused as how to go about studying for the LSAT.

I googled lsat blogs, and found message boards that promoted self-studying over taking a prep course. I mulled over my options and realized that while self-studying may work for some individuals, having a prep course was a better option for me. I wanted to have lesson plans and material from instructors who had a great deal of experience with the test, and I knew that for me, self-studying on its own would not be effective. I did my research and ScorePerfect was a company that stood out to me the most in terms of testimonials from a great deal of previous test takers. It also offered an online option, which was important to me because of the fact that I was also a busy student that worked part-time. I signed up for the September exam and began the course in June.

All the videos were uploaded and there was a lot of flexibility in terms of how many lessons I could complete per week. The videos featured Robin Singh and he was an amazing teacher! The lessons were so thorough that I did not miss being in an actual classroom setting, and the videos answered all the questions I had. I took two lessons per week, and the lessons definitely forced me to remain disciplined. The homework assigned was a lot of work but after completing it, I felt confident and felt as if I was mastering the different question types.

Initially, when I had begun the course it would take me 8 minutes to complete one logical reasoning question, 15 minutes to complete one reading comprehension passage and an astounding 1 hour to complete ONE logic game. Everything was foreign to me, and I unsurprisingly scored a 151 on my first diagnostic test. I studied 35 hours a week, and I can honestly say that major changes did not arise in my score until I had finished the core part of the course.

I was extremely glad that I had chosen ScorePerfect. I loved how ScorePerfect had divided each lesson into separate question types and provided us with detailed explanations as to why certain choices were wrong and why the others were correct. I cannot stress this enough: increase your score, you must learn precisely why an answer is wrong or correct, and ScorePerfect completely understood that.

I had studied 3 months exactly, and finally felt prepared for the test! Testmasters helped me immensely by giving me thousands of practice questions from real LSAT tests. I was exposed to questions from older and newer tests in all three of the sections, and benefited immensely from it. I was given extensive progress reports on my diagnostic tests that showed patterns regarding my weaknesses and strengths. I was also given tips of how to quicken my pace on the exam without losing accuracy.

On the actual test day, my biggest hurdle was my anxiety because of course the test was the most important one I would write, determining whether my childhood dream would be attainable or not. My final score was a 163, and I went from taking one hour to complete one logic game to completing all 4 games with 5 minutes to spare, and getting 22 out of 23 right on the games section.

That in itself, was a feat for me and I know that ScorePerfect was a vital and indispensable component of my prep. In conclusion, I want to stress the LSAT is not a test that measures innate ability—you can radically change your score with the right practice and dedication. Thank you ScorePerfect for helping me realize my dream!”