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Gustavus Adolphus College

Before ScorePerfect: 148

After ScorePerfect: 162

“When I decided to take the LSAT, I wanted to take a prep class as I had been out of college for a couple of years. I started asking some law students if they took a prep class and if they would recommend one in particular. Most of the students that I talked to had taken a prep class and ScorePerfect came highly recommended. That was enough for me to sign up. In my class, there were six students (including me) and the instructor tailored the material to each of us when he could. The “Before ScorePerfect" score listed is the first diagnostic test that I took without even having looked at an LSAT question, and while I have no doubt that my score would have improved simply by studying on my own, I am confident that it would not have improved by the degree it did without ScorePerfect. I strongly recommend ScorePerfect to anyone considering a LSAT prep class.”