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University of Oregon

Before ScorePerfect: 141

After ScorePerfect: 155

“I wanted to wait until I was accepted to a law school before I wrote my testimonial. Just last week, after months of studying for the LSAT and writing my applications, I was accepted to law school. An amazing accomplishment that I believe would not have been anywhere close to possible with out the support of ScorePerfect. Four years ago I took the LSAT not once, but twice, and could not for the life of me score higher than a 145. I bought test prep books and scrounged for materials but what those books could not teach me was how. How the heck can I figure this out? My ScorePerfect teachers showed me how. They were patient, experienced, and comforting. They believed in me and taught me what I needed to know and in a way that made the whole process seem less intimidating. When I received my score I was ecstatic, to say the least. Honestly, I didn’t know I had it in me—but ScorePerfect did.”