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Private PSAT Tutoring

ScorePerfect Offers Unmatched Teaching Experience

Our private tutoring services enable you to work one-on-one with a ScorePerfect PSAT instructor. All of our instructors have exceptional credentials and know how to diagnose and solve the problems students encounter. Whether you are looking to hone your skills or develop them from the ground up, ScorePerfect can accommodate your needs.

In-Person Tutoring


Meet with a ScorePerfect instructor for one-on-one tutoring assistance! Your instructor will teach you how to improve your accuracy and speed on the PSAT, and will help you create a study plan to maximize your results.

Online Tutoring


Connect with a ScorePerfect instructor through our Online Resource Center. Our interactive whiteboard enhances the learning process by allowing students and instructors to share diagrams and convey concepts visually.

Telephonic Tutoring


Prepare for the PSAT with a ScorePerfect instructor no matter where you are located. Telephonic tutoring is an ideal option for students who are traveling or for those who simply prefer to work with an instructor over the phone.