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ScorePerfect Offers Unmatched Teaching Experience

Amazing Resources

Our innovative Online Resource Center gives students every possible advantage. Comprehensive lessons and explanations cover every concept in detail, and interactive drills and games help you perfect your skills.

Explore Our Comprehensive ACT Prep Material

Comprehensive Materials

Our course provides students with every former GRE question currently available. Intensive lessons and assignments help you to understand both the subjects being tested and the way the GRE tests them.

ScorePerfect has the Best Instructors

Expert Instruction

All of our GRE courses are taught by instructors who have achieved a 99th percentile score on the verbal section or a perfect score on the quantitative section of an officially administered GRE.

We've Helped Countless Students Achieve Success

Proven Success

For over 30 years, ScorePerfect has helped hundreds of thousands of students achieve amazing score increases on standardized tests.