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Arizona State University

Before ScorePerfect: 160

After ScorePerfect: 169

“I would unconditionally recommend ScorePerfect to anyone taking the LSAT. Prior to taking the ScorePerfect class, I took a class at Princeton Review. I found ScorePerfect to be superior in every way. Princeton Review taught tips and tricks on answering LSAT questions, while ScorePerfect taught a method that allows you to truly understand the questions, making any LSAT question approachable. My instructor at Princeton Review had never even taken the LSAT, while my ScorePerfect instructor has scored in the 99th percentile, and was competent and engaging in the classroom. Additionally, as I was going through the Princeton Review class, I felt like I never had enough material to keep me busy, and was left feeling unprepared and wanting more practice. On the contrary, the ScorePerfect materials were comprehensive, and more than enough homework and practice problems were provided keeping me busy right up until the exam. I definitely felt confident and prepared going into the LSAT. Thanks to ScorePerfect, I now have a competitive score for the law school application process. I couldn’t have done it without you!”