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Law School Admissions Consulting

Jeff Benjamin helps revise a personal statement draft

Our skilled admissions consultants are ready to step in at any stage of the application process to provide personalized assistance. All of them have been admitted to top law schools and are experts on the admissions process. Whether you want help developing a holistic strategy or polishing a specific part of your application, our consultants will guide you effectively.

In-Person Tutoring

General Admissions Consulting

Connect with one of our expert consultants to receive guidance on any area of your application. An hour of admissions consulting can cover multiple topics, including:

  • Developing a list of candidate schools
  • Creating an effective resume
  • Assisting with any aspect of your personal statement
  • Creating an application timeline
  • Determining how to approach inconsistencies in your application (gaps in your resume, disciplinary actions, etc.)
  • Writing an addendum
  • Increasing your chances of acceptance if you’ve been waitlisted
In-Person Tutoring

Personal Statement Intensive

Work with a specialist to ensure that your personal statement is not just appropriate and effective, but also engaging and memorable. Each consultant is an accomplished writer with an understanding of the unique role that the personal statement plays in the application process. Our writing specialists can help you:

  • Choose an original topic
  • Edit your essay for content and grammar
  • Create a narrative that pulls the reader into your story
  • Give your writing a sense of your personal voice
  • Build a compelling case for your acceptance to law school