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Law School Admissions Consulting

Jeff Benjamin helps revise a personal statement draft

Work one‑on‑one with one of our expert consultants to receive guidance on any area of your application. We offer personalized law school admissions consulting anywhere in the world via video conferencing.

Stand Out. Get In.

ScorePerfect law school admissions consultants have all been admitted to top law schools and are experts on the admissions process. Our admissions consulting team has decades of experience getting students into great schools. Whether you want help developing a holistic strategy or polishing a specific part of your application, our consultants will guide you effectively.

  • Our law school admissions consultants will scrutinize every written part of your application, ensuring your personal statement, resume, supplemental essays, and addenda are all top‑notch.
  • We’ll ensure that your personal statement is not just appropriate and effective, but also engaging and memorable. Each ScorePerfect admissions consultant is an accomplished writer with an understanding of the unique role that the personal statement plays in the application process. Our writing specialists can help you choose an original topic, edit your essay for content and grammar, give your writing a sense of your personal voice, and build a compelling case for your acceptance to law school.
  • Your law school admissions consultant will work with you to develop a list of candidate schools and create an application timeline, giving you every possible advantage in the rolling admissions process.
  • ScorePerfect consultants can counsel you on handling inconsistencies in your application. If you’re unsure how to address a gap in your resume or an irregularity in your academic record, they’ll help you draft an addendum that provides a clear and concise understanding of your situation.
  • Waitlisted at the school of your dreams? Your consultant will work with you to write a letter of continued interest that maximizes your chance of being accepted.
  • Our admissions consulting manager will speak directly with you about your timeline and goals before matching you with a consultant. We’re dedicated to ensuring that the arrangement fits your needs, and our administrative staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have.