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Loyola Marymount University

Before ScorePerfect: 152

After ScorePerfect: 169

“ScorePerfect is the best available LSAT prep course for numerous reasons. I am very pleased with my LSAT score and I owe it all to the valuable lessons and techniques I learned from the ScorePerfect course and instructor. My instructor was amazing, knowledgeable, and actually made classes fun! I could tell that my instructor cared about the progress each student was making, which made a considerable difference in the learning process. The learning environment was great because everyone was there to learn and we were encouraged to ask questions about concepts we didn’t understand. ScorePerfect teaches you the skills to master the LSAT, improve your time management, and build self-confidence so that you can achieve the best score possible on test day. I learned significantly more through ScorePerfect than could ever be learned from any book. ScorePerfect prepared me so well that I was very confident the day I walked into the test center. I would definitely recommend taking their courses to anyone who wants to dramatically improve their LSAT score. ScorePerfect truly gives you everything that you need to succeed on the LSAT.”