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University of Central Florida

Before ScorePerfect: 141

After ScorePerfect: 161

“While researching which LSAT prep course to take, the thing that I kept hearing from friends and reading in reviews that set ScorePerfect apart was that it taught the methodology necessary for success on the LSAT. Throughout my time in the ScorePerfect program, that emphasis on attacking the LSAT methodologically stood out and ultimately put me in a great position to succeed.

From the materials, to the in-class instructor, to the consistently helpful staffers who were supportive every time I had a logistical or LSAT-related question, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality that ScorePerfect provided and would suggest it without any reservations to friends hoping to maximize their LSAT score. It was a really great experience, and I’m truly grateful to have enrolled in a ScorePerfect course.”