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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Before ScorePerfect: 146

After ScorePerfect: 161

“In a survey of people I knew who had taken a LSAT prep course, almost all of them recommended ScorePerfect. My instructor, Matt Hope, presented the material in an articulate manner, but also made the lessons entertaining at the same time. He was able to provide extensive direction and explanations to our class, and made himself readily available for questions before and after the lesson. Even though the classes were 4 hours long, he kept us engaged and challenged the entire time. In all, with the quality of teaching Matt provided, I believe that we all developed the confidence to succeed on the test. Additionally, I really appreciated the way ScorePerfect’s lessons and homework were written, advocating for a holistic understanding of logic rather than just tips and tricks. I believe it was this standard of learning, coupled with Matt’s innate ability to teach the material, that gave me the skills necessary for so much improvement from my initial diagnostic. I will continue to recommend ScorePerfect as an test preparation company because of these essential factors.”