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Before ScorePerfect: 157

After ScorePerfect: 166

“I decided to take ScorePerfect because several of my friends had recommended it, and my experience with the course was rewarding. The way the course is structured allows students to understand each component of the test, and teaches students how to effectively tackle each section and the the various types of questions found in each section. ScorePerfect was great because it not only provided me with a solid foundation for successfully attacking any LSAT question, but also allowed me to clearly track my progress. This was important because ScorePerfect not only helped me realize why certain answers I chose were incorrect but also how to avoid these mistakes in the future. The instructors were all dynamic and engaging, which made going to class as well as studying for the LSAT something to look forward to instead of something to dread. I would definitely recommend ScorePerfect to anyone considering taking the LSAT!”