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Before ScorePerfect: 152

After ScorePerfect: 168

“The day of my LSAT I ran into an old friend from high school who was taking the test for a second time after having prepped with Kaplan and getting a low score. My friend’s story was similar to so many other stories that I’d heard of people using other test preparation services and meeting with disappointment over their results. In stark contrast, ScorePerfect impressed me on every level: its methods are elegantly refined, its resources are expertly crafted, and its instructors are thoroughly trained. But ScorePerfect has produced an incredible system, not a magic formula; it will not work well unless you work hard. However, coupled with diligence, I am confident you will score as high as you are personally able and will be in the best possible position when applying for your dream schools. I look back at my decision to take ScorePerfect and to study its materials thoroughly with absolutely no regrets.”