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University of Toronto

Before ScorePerfect: 152

After ScorePerfect: 170

“I would definitely recommend ScorePerfect. My experience with the course was nothing but fantastic. In class, my instructor gave clear explanations to all of our questions and ensured each student understood the reasoning for each answer. He was engaging and made the four hours go by quickly. Outside of class, we were encouraged to practice as much as possible and ScorePerfect provided a wealth of course materials to practice with. The Online Resource Center was useful for easily finding answers to homework and diagnostic tests, as well as providing both video and written explanations to difficult questions. Unlike store-bought books, ScorePerfect teaches students how to understand the concepts underlying the LSAT questions and prepares students by giving them an excellent strategy for answering them. If you’re looking to write a successful LSAT, ScorePerfect is an essential step to your success!”