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Before ScorePerfect: 158

After ScorePerfect: 169

“My first time taking the LSAT was exhausting; I felt so apathetic and confused by the end of the test, I was basically just marking random answers. ScorePerfect completely changed the way I looked at the LSAT. The ScorePerfect approach teaches you how to reason through any problem the LSAT presents you, not just tricks for picking the right answer. By the end of the class I felt confident I could think through any question, even those that initially stumped me. My instructor Sam Lehman was awesome at going through every argument, and defining in definite terms why each answer choice was either right or wrong. He really helped me see though all the distractions of the LSAT and focus on what the questions were really testing. Going into the real LSAT, I was able to stay focused and avoid the many traps of the test that had originally confused me. I couldn’t have said the same without ScorePerfect!”