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Cal State Long Beach

Before ScorePerfect: 143

After ScorePerfect: 155

“ScorePerfect helped me succeed on the LSAT. I would not have the same opportunities I now have if I hadn’t taken this course. They fully understand the LSAT and are able to deconstruct arguments in an interactive way with proven methods. Their methodology works, their willingness to help exceeded my expectations, and the class environment was more than I could ask for. They want you to succeed (my instructor stayed with me after class on several occasions). When I first encountered logic games I was terrified, I thought perhaps I was not cut out for law school. After learning ScorePerfect’s strategies for the games, the logic section became my strongest and most improved area. In addition, I liked that ScorePerfect prepared me for my actual test day by proctoring several full-length diagnostic tests. This was by far the best investment I have made so far in preparing for law school. I highly recommend ScorePerfect to anyone who wants a better score and is willing to put in the work for it.”