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University of Florida

Before ScorePerfect: 163

After ScorePerfect: 174

“When I began my ScorePerfect class three months before I planned to take the LSAT, I was hoping that I could ultimately score high enough to make it to a top 50 law school. After taking the first diagnostic, I was surprised that my initial score was already enough to achieve this goal. At this point the motivation and encouragement from my ScorePerfect instructor was invaluable. Not only did his classes keep me interested in the material, but his personalized attention kept me on track with the lessons. There are so many different resources that ScorePerfect offers that I could always move at my own pace in a way that was interesting and useful. I genuinely believe that ScorePerfect is a huge reason that my dream law schools are now within reach. I wholeheartedly recommend ScorePerfect to anyone who will listen!”