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Arizona State University

Before ScorePerfect: 161

After ScorePerfect: 171

“I took a ScorePerfect class in preparation for the February 2015 LSAT. I did not use any materials except those provided by ScorePerfect and I was thrilled to achieve a 171 on my LSAT. This falls in the 98th percentile rank and it was even higher than my 170 target score. I wholeheartedly recommend ScorePerfect and believe their program was instrumental to my success.

ScorePerfect provides students with class work, homework, and practice LSATs to prepare you for the actual test. In class, the teacher was fantastic. She helped each class member understand every example. For homework, ScorePerfect provides its students with every question asked on the LSAT since the beginning of the current LSAT format in the 90’s. These problems are all divided into ‘question types’, so if I was ever struggling with a certain kind of question I could easily find and practice similar questions. ScorePerfect also provides homework help online that can explain any question you might have between class sessions. The practice tests were very helpful in that they taught me how to persevere through a four-hour exam and I could track my progress through the weekly practice exams.

One thing I like about ScorePerfect in particular is that they do not stray from the questions that have appeared on the LSAT, whereas other companies try to write their own cute and funny LSAT-like questions. I feel like the best preparation for the LSAT is studying questions from the LSAT itself.

I feel that the LSAT is such an important step for anyone considering law school and if you would like to take the LSAT you should do it right. I can’t imagine any program being better suited toward this end than ScorePerfect.”