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Boston College

Before ScorePerfect: 165

After ScorePerfect: 174

“The ScorePerfect course provided the structure and detail I needed to study for the LSAT. I found the carefully organized lesson plans, the hundreds of practice problems for each concept, and the online resources for my additional questions to be extremely helpful. I followed the curriculum exactly and my score improved like clockwork. What’s more, it was actually enjoyable!

My favorite thing about the ScorePerfect approach is that it doesn’t try to teach you cheap tricks or shortcuts—you get plenty of strategic advice and tips for timing that are very helpful, but above all, they teach you how to really learn and understand the concepts behind the test. I didn’t feel like I had a superficial knowledge that would get me through the test—I felt like I knew the test, inside and out. I tell everyone I know to use ScorePerfect—it really is the best!”