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UC Santa Cruz

Before ScorePerfect: 154

After ScorePerfect: 167

“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the ScorePerfect LSAT prep course. When I signed up for the course, I was expecting a boring review of logic and a few tricks that would help me navigate the “test with teeth”. I was shocked when the course turned out to be engaging, dynamic, and truly effective. My teacher Ronnie Gosselin was particularly wonderful. She approached the class with a great sense of humor that kept everyone laughing, and at the same time was able to communicate the techniques that helped us improve. There was never any sense of condescension from the teacher, or competition from my classmates. Our teacher supported each person in meeting their goals, and everyone seemed to cheer for each other.

I saw my test scores steadily improve throughout the course, and by the time I arrived to take the test, I felt prepared and confident that I would succeed. I far surpassed my original target score. I went from hoping to get into a top 100 school to having a very good shot of getting into a top 10 school. That’s an incredible transformation in my prospects, and I can say that ScorePerfect played an absolutely indispensable role in making that happen.”