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University of New Mexico

Before ScorePerfect: 166

After ScorePerfect: 174

“I was first introduced to ScorePerfect through a friend who had previously attended a T14 law school. When he heard that I was planning on attending law school after the completion of my undergraduate degree, he immediately told me to avoid doing any type of LSAT study until I was ready to devote myself to a course. He also told me to plan on using ScorePerfect.

Most of the available LSAT prep courses are ineffective, and will not measurably impact a person’s LSAT score beyond a simple self-study program. ScorePerfect pioneered the teaching methodology that most other courses are based on. Resultingly, it has access to more experience that it uses to train its students.

The biggest difference between ScorePerfect and the other potential choices is their instructors. Robin Singh, the founder of ScorePerfect, the man who created the ScorePerfect methodology and the current LSAT 180 world-record holder, personally oversees all ScorePerfect instructor training. The most important factor in increasing a score from good to exceptional is the instructor, and it simply isn’t worth the risk to go with any other choice.

The same skills that help one to succeed on the LSAT can be applied to selecting the right prep course. Because of their experience and the quality of their instructors, anybody who is unwilling to accept mediocrity should choose ScorePerfect. I improved my score from a 166 to a 174. I am confident that my score would not have improved by that much if I had taken a different course.”