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Before ScorePerfect: 159

After ScorePerfect: 175

“For me, deciding on ScorePerfect for my LSAT prep course was an easy decision. A number of my friends had positive experiences with the course, and I was told that it was the best and most thorough course around. Even with these high expectations going in, I was not disappointed. ScorePerfect gave me all the tools that I needed to ace the LSAT. Additionally, I built a great relationship with my instructor, Anthony, which will last for years to come. He taught in a way that helped us understand the ins and outs of every question, logic game, and passage. He was always available to talk about pretty much anything that I was concerned with. Most importantly, his humor and colloquial style kept me attentive in class and helped to motivate me through the experience. If it weren’t for Anthony and the ScorePerfect curriculum, I know I would not enjoy the options I now have in applying to law schools.”