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University of Georgia

Before ScorePerfect: 152

After ScorePerfect: 171

“After taking a ScorePerfect course, my LSAT score jumped 19 points. Taking the preparation course with ScorePerfect is what made all the difference in my score. The classes were so relaxed and informative that they helped me become comfortable with this test that at first seemed so intimidating. The course makes sure you are able to answer every type of question and are prepared for anything you might encounter on the actual test. You learn how to approach each section and the best strategies for success in each individual area. My teacher was able to show exactly why each answer was correct, which helped me to master the different types of questions. The practice covers such a wide range of question types and difficult areas that I felt 100% prepared for the real test. The course teaches you how to identify each type of question and the best way to approach the question with speed as well as accuracy. ScorePerfect gave me every tool necessary to increase my score and do my best on test day. ScorePerfect really is the best preparation course out there and I encourage everyone I know to enroll!”