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CUNY Baruch College

Before ScorePerfect: 146

After ScorePerfect: 155

“The phrase ‘you get what you put into it’ is definitely one that I would use to apply to studying for the LSAT. You have to practice and there are no shortcuts. The beauty of ScorePerfect is simple: it gives you all the tools you need to utilize your practice time to the fullest potential. In fact, the most outstanding element of a ScorePerfect course is how self-sufficient it is. There is no outside research or guesswork required—and that makes all the difference! ScorePerfect is truly the only course you need to prep for the LSAT and confidence is your most precious asset on test day. Thanks to ScorePerfect and my instructor Dan Koffmann I got the skills to navigate the LSAT with finesse and confidence.”