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UC Berkeley

Before ScorePerfect: 156

After ScorePerfect: 172

“I have always been scared of standardized tests, and upon receiving my first diagnostic results, the LSAT appeared to me to be another unconquerable one. However, with my first few ScorePerfect classes under my belt, I realized that I could actually do well on the LSAT. The way that my instructors explained each and every question thoroughly, and made us explain ourselves in turn, allowed me to do more than learn individual questions, it gave me the confidence to apply skills I learned from my teachers to each new question that I encountered. That is the difference with a ScorePerfect course: the concepts and skills that you learn every class can be applied across the board and make you a better test-taker over all. ScorePerfect instructors do not rely on gimmicks, they use tried and true methods that can be used over and over again. Furthermore, the seemingly endless resources that ScorePerfect provides allows you to decide how much work you want to put in and how much you want your score to improve. I could not be happier with my ScorePerfect experience, and I would recommend Testmasters to anyone who wants to learn a real and holistic approach to tackling the LSAT.”