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Pepperdine University

Before ScorePerfect: 152

After ScorePerfect: 172

“When I signed up for the LSAT the first time, I decided not to bother with any extensive preparation. A track record of success on standardized tests convinced me it was not necessary. It wasn’t until the week before the test, when I finally decided to open a prep book, that I realized I was in over my head. I realized the LSAT isn’t something you can just walk into and succeed. Whether your maximum potential is around 160 or there’s a 175+ in you waiting to emerge, I believe the following to be universally true: For anyone who is serious about applying to law school, extensive guided preparation is as indispensable a part of the process as an undergraduate degree.

When I found out I scored a 152, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would sit for an LSAT administration. I was serious about applying to law school, but I knew I was nowhere near my potential. I graduated college a few months later, and I decided to devote my entire summer to doing the LSAT right. I didn’t do much research in selecting ScorePerfect; I read a brief testimonial on a website about the quality of their instructors and was sold.

Anyone who visits the ScorePerfect website can see that developer Robin Singh is the best LSAT taker in the world and that all the instructors scored in the 98th percentile or better. Due to minor scheduling conflicts in my class, however, I had the unique opportunity to experience the classroom instruction of four different ScorePerfect instructors. While their personal styles differed, what was always immediately apparent was the superb quality of the training these instructors receive. They are able to express the material with impressive clarity and precision; they are able to answer questions quickly and effectively and cater the lessons simultaneously to students of all levels; and their dedication to their students’ success is evident from their willingness to give 1-on-1 instruction before class, after class, and during breaks.

During the summer, I kept up with the lessons, attended the proctored diagnostic sessions, and made use of online resources such as the definitions quiz and self-diagnostics. There is also a support service students can use to get personal assistance on their homework from actual ScorePerfect instructors. When I retook the LSAT that fall, I scored a 172. I am currently applying to 16 of the top 20 law schools in country, and I’m finally pursuing my dream that seemed out of reach just ten months ago. Whether you have no experience with the LSAT whatsoever or you have already begun studying and identifying your weaknesses, I wholeheartedly recommend ScorePerfect to anyone for whom maximizing your LSAT potential is paramount to your goals and aspirations.”