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Scripps College

Before ScorePerfect: 166

After ScorePerfect: 170

“Initially, I thought that I could study for the LSAT on my own, but decided at the very last minute to enroll in the ScorePerfect class. I can now say that I am extremely happy I did! ScorePerfect and my instructor are truly the reason that I was able to score a 170. Not only did ScorePerfect teach me to understand the logic behind the LSAT, but they also provided hundreds of real LSAT questions sorted by type, making it easy to identify and correct where I was going wrong on practice exams. Furthermore, my instructor’s explanations helped to clarify why I had gotten each question correct or incorrect so that I could work on replicating or changing my thought process on test day. Sitting through the administered practice exams and review sessions helped me to feel confident in my ability to take the LSAT, and made it so that there were no surprises when I sat down to take the real LSAT. I am so glad that I decided to take ScorePerfect, and could not be happier with what I learned!”