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UC Santa Cruz

Before ScorePerfect: 151

After ScorePerfect: 161

“ScorePerfect was pivotal to my success in the law school admissions process. My outstanding instructor Rich Slaton helped me make the transition from knowing absolutely nothing about the LSAT to fully comprehending the approach for crushing the exam. The course was ingeniously structured and well organized, providing me with a well rounded understanding and strong grasp of how to prepare for the actual test. I feel very fortunate to have had an instructor who gave a 110% effort toward eliminating my weaknesses, and I am proud to say that I scored a perfect 23/23 on logic games, which used to be my Achilles’ heel. I have already been admitted to both of my top choice law schools, UC-Davis and UC-Hastings, and these fantastic results are what make me confident in recommending ScorePerfect to aspiring law students. Undoubtedly, ScorePerfect is the test prep service to turn to if one truly desires to make the leap to a top-tier law school. I truly thank my instructor Rich and the course’s designer Robin Singh for providing me with the tools to access my dream career.”