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Azusa Pacific University

Before ScorePerfect: 155

After ScorePerfect: 170

“Before my ScorePerfect course on the LSAT, I was terrified of the test. When I took the first ScorePerfect diagnostic and scored a 155, I was fairly dejected. However, the instructor seemed nice and I was looking forward to the class.

My enthusiasm soon waned. I felt like I was understanding much of the material, yet I was not getting the tougher questions correct. Soon, I stopped doing the homework and my score stopped improving at 159. Luckily, the great thing about ScorePerfect is that they give you so many resources. When I got serious about my studying, I was able to go over as many Reading Comp passages or Logic Games that I wanted to each day. Soon, my score was finally in the mid-160s and I was very excited. What helped me most was just watching the online explanations to the Logic Games so that I was able to figure out the tougher questions.

There is no way I could have earned the score that I did without the resources and instruction from ScorePerfect. We were able to call or e-mail our instructor at any time, and she would get right back to us. I strongly recommend ScorePerfect to anybody who is going to take the LSAT and is not at the score they want. ScorePerfect will help you achieve it, and maybe, like me, surpass it.”