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United States Naval Academy

Before ScorePerfect: 166

After ScorePerfect: 173

“I recently took the ScorePerfect course in preparation for the February 2011 exam. This test was a retake since my old score was about to expire. The first time around I took a prep course from a different company. I studied diligently throughout the six-week course and scored a 166... a good score, but short of my goal of a 170.

This time around, I chose to go with another company, ScorePerfect. I was very impressed with this course from day one. The instructor was great and I couldn’t believe how much practice material came with the course. I even told a few people after the first few weeks of class that I felt like the strategies being taught in this course were making a big difference in my performance, especially in certain types of logical reasoning and reading comprehension questions. This surprised me because I always thought that those were the areas that would be the hardest to improve upon.

Then I hit a major road block. I had to go on a last minute business trip for the last two weeks of the course leading up to the LSAT. The trip was so intense that I did not get to do any studying for those last two weeks. I had pretty much decided I wasn’t going to bother taking the test. THE NIGHT BEFORE the test, I decided, ‘What the heck? I did study hard and go to class for the first three weeks; I should just take it.’ I’m sure glad I did! I scored a 173 (a seven point improvement!!!). I finished each section with a bit of time to spare. I KNOW that the ScorePerfect strategies made all the difference in my score. Since getting the results, I have gone out of my way to strongly recommend ScorePerfect to all of my friends who are considering taking the LSAT. What I learned from this experience is that not all prep courses are created equal. I can’t sing the praises of the ScorePerfect program enough! Thanks to ScorePerfect I scored higher than I ever thought I could.”