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Before ScorePerfect: 158

After ScorePerfect: 171

“Simply put, ScorePerfect is the best LSAT prep course in the business. Like most prep courses, ScorePerfect allows for extensive in-class sessions with very qualified teachers. But ScorePerfect has so much more to offer than just lessons. ScorePerfect’s online database of a multitude of past LSATs, complete with an online scoring tool that lets you know instantly your score/mistakes, was THE reason I had such a high score increase. Two weeks before my LSAT I sat down and pretty much went through every single online test. When it came time for the real thing, I was so relaxed and so comfortable with the format that I was able to breeze through the LSAT and score as high as I did. Also, I was quite impressed with ScorePerfect’s ability to dissect problems, such as the dreaded logic game, and turn these seemingly insurmountable obstacles into mere formulaic questions. No one will force you to go the extra mile, but if you are willing to take advantage of every service that ScorePerfect has to offer there is no reason that you can’t experience the improvement that I have enjoyed.”