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Northeastern University

Before ScorePerfect: 137

After ScorePerfect: 151

“There are so many good things for me to say about ScorePerfect. Before I began the ScorePerfect course, the LSAT terrified me. ScorePerfect showed me that it is totally possible to do well on the LSAT. It was amazing to learn strategies that work. By the end of the course the strategies had become second nature to me. It felt good to see all the question types. Seeing and learning all the different types of questions, games, and reading comprehension passages along with the supplemental materials online allowed me to know that there would be no surprises on test day. Taking the ScorePerfect course made me feel like I had an edge over people who did not. My score increased fourteen points. I don’t think I would have been able to see such a dramatic change if I studied on my own. I would recommend ScorePerfect to anyone considering taking the LSAT.”