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The Digital LSAT

In July 2019 the LSAT will begin its transition to a digital format, with half of the registrants taking the digital version of the test and the other half taking the paper-and-pencil version (registrants won’t know in advance which version they’ll receive). From September 2019 onward, all tests will be exclusively digital.

ScorePerfect is providing its students with twenty full‑length, five‑section practice LSATs in the new digital format, and our Research and Development team has created an interface that is identical to what you will see on test day.

The ScorePerfect digital practice LSATs work seamlessly on any tablet or computer and allow you to become completely accustomed to the new format. Every feature that will be accessible on the Digital LSAT has been integrated into our practice tests, including a timer with a five-minute warning, scalable fonts, and a flagging system that enables you to revisit questions within a section.

Digital LSAT FAQs

Are some companies misleading prospective customers about the digital LSAT resources they have available?

Unfortunately, yes. Some companies are providing PDFs of paper-and-pencil tests and calling those digital LSATs! Be sure to do your homework before deciding which prep course to take.

Do the ScorePerfect digital practice tests contain actual LSAT questions?

Yes, they consist entirely of actual LSAT questions from recent LSAT administrations. ScorePerfect has been an official LSAC licensee for nearly thirty years, and we have always been committed to providing our students with authentic content.

Do the ScorePerfect digital practice LSATs contain four sections or five sections?

Just like the official LSAT, our digital practice LSATs contain five sections each, one of which is an “experimental” section that does not count towards your score. You will find out which section is experimental only after you’ve completed the test.

What do ScorePerfect students receive after completing a digital practice LSAT?

They receive detailed score reports as well as access to comprehensive video and written explanations to the questions on the exam.

Are the ScorePerfect digital practice LSATs accessible only at set times?

No, they are accessible anytime and at any place with a reliable internet connection.

Do I need to invest in a Microsoft Surface Go tablet in order to take the ScorePerfect digital practice LSATs?

No. Although LSAC will be administering the LSAT exclusively on Surface Go tablets, our practice LSATs are compatible with virtually all modern tablets and computers.